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The Yakima area has increased in population to nearly 250,000. Upper Yakima is emerging as a significant urban area, which includes Cowiche, East Valley, Moxee, Naches, Selah, Terrace Heights, Tieton, Union Gap, Wenas Valley, West Valley (including Wiley City and Tampico) and the Yakima Training Center populations.

Moxee                                                           509-575-8851

Naches                                                 509-653-2647

Selah                                                             509-698-7326

Tieton                                                           509-673-3162

Union Gap                                                509-248-0432

Yakima                                                          509-575-6000

Yakima County                                                509-574-1000

Central Yakima Valley is primarily agricultural, with the well-established small rural communities of Parker, Buena, Zillah, Wapato, Toppenish, Harrah, White Swan and the Yakama Nation. The Yakama Nation covers 2,185.94 square miles with an estimated population of over 32,000 people (on and off the reservation).

Harrah                       509-848-2432

Toppenish                                                             509-865-6319

Wapato                                                                        509-877-2334

Yakama Nation                                                   509-865-5121

Zillah                                                                                509-829-5151

Lower Yakima Valley is primarily agricultural with an increasing concentration of professional and retail services located in the communities of Sunnyside, Grandview and Prosser. Other well-established small rural communities include Granger, Outlook and Mabton.

Grandview                                                                509-882-9200

Granger                                                        509-854-1725

Mabton                                                                   509-894-4096

Sunnyside                                                          509-837-3782

Yakima County Population — 249,636 (2017, U.S. Census Bureau estimate)

Latino                                  48.8%

White                                   43.8%

Native American                 6.4%

Home Ownership rate:                                                     2010–2014                     62.7%

Median Household Income (in 2016 dollars):             2012–2016                    $45,700


Age and Educational Status (From 2017 YC-Life Annual Report)

Persons under 5 years                                   8.6%

Persons under 18 years                               30.0%

Persons 65 years and over                         12.4%

High school graduates                                  71.9%

Bachelor's Degree                                          15.3% (U.S. Census Bureau)

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